"Swan Creek at Dawn" oil - 16 x 20 SOLD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

A few of us artist get together every Tuesday for lunch so we came up with the first of hopefully many painting challenges, we agreed, to do every season. Today, after changing the date several times, we finally got together to show our Seasonal Challenge: Winter, "It's Not Easy Being Green". Below is a photo of the artists. You can see me taking the photo in the mirror (I kind of like that shot of me), and the paintings in the back ground.

This was a challenge not to use other colors and to focus on the values. I found I didn't like painting in only green and I think we all agree we are kind of sick of green. With that being said, I think the little paintings came out well. Many of the artist said they will go back now and add the colors they wanted to use. We had a wonderful time and are excited to see the Spring Challenge paintings.

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

The Seasonal Challenge: Spring 2011
"Paint an Egg"
The only rule is there has to be some kind of egg or eggs some where in the painting.
We will meet the first Tuesday in June
at Chef Lin in Frederick, MD at 12:30 pm
to show our paintings.


Sue said...

Very cool greens, which is yours?

Pamela J D Kaelber said...

Mine is of the tropical leaves.