"Swan Creek at Dawn" oil - 16 x 20 SOLD

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Whites in the Sun and Tug

Paper Whites in the Sun  oil - 6 x 6

This was an ambitious subject to take on this week given that I started a large oil painting this week for K and T's wedding gift and we picked up our new dog "Tug" (a 13 month old female Brittany). I think I would like to do this painting larger and spend more time on the details and since I have several photos of this paper white I may do just that sometime in the future.  

Tug is very sweet and well mannered. We are very happy she has joined our family.


Sue said...

Beautiful, you are just getting better and better. The paperwhites are definitely my favorite. And Tug looks like a handful. I can't wait to meet her. She is beautiful too.

Pamela J D Kaelber said...

Thanks Sue. I am learning a lot by doing a painting a week.